January 27, 2023

Introducing beautifully pre-crafted Sections to speed up your workflow.

Introducing beautifully pre-crafted Sections to speed up your workflow.

Empower team members to edit directly on the page, without stressing out about breaking the layout or navigating an abstract backend.

It has been a pleasure learning about the challenges faced by today's teams through our user community.

The importance of keeping website content current is growing. The process usually begins with Designers and Freelancers creating the perfect design, based on today’s content needs. As time passes, content needs evolve, and Marketing and Client teams want to keep the site updated.

In spite of this, updating is not an easy task. If teams are using CMSes like WordPress, Marketing and Client teams have to go to a backend which looks nothing like the actual site. If teams are using website builders, the myriad of controls are nothing but confusing, despite often all one wants to change is just the text or image.

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